About us

Welcome to Ingen3D Steel & Facade Detailing. Ingen3d was established in April 2009 by Mark Monk and Brian Sampson. Mark and Brian together have over 50 years experience within the industry.

At Ingen3D we provide shop detailing of all steel structures and facade systems. We also provide architectural design drawing drafting for facade systems and have the capability to provide structural design drawing drafting for steel structures. Over the past 5 years Ingen3d has grown to now employing over 40 people.

We pride ourselves on being able to complete and provide drawings and 3d models on time. Ingen3D has become known for our attention to detail within the industry. We have developed innovative ways and techniques to be able to provide drawings and 3d models to the highest quality within a shorter time frame, this allows our clients more lead time for the project, and this assists the project in becoming more cost effective.

Our Corporate Responsibility

Our approach to Corporate Responsibility (CR) is about running our business and achieving our goals in a way that reflects our values, and meet the standards our clients and our own people expect of an expanding organization.

Our approach is focused on:

- Delivering exceptional service to our clients within a framework which embraces the highest levels of teamwork, communication and ethical standards.

- Valuing our employees by providing a safe and rewarding work environment which invests in their future.

- Ensuring our quality is second to none by always striving for system processes and technology based improvements in all aspects of our work.

- Continued training for all of our people at all levels.

Ingen3D : Steel & Facade Detailing PTY. LTD.