At Ingen3D we provide our drafting services to facade design companies. We pride ourselves on working closely with our clients to achieve the best result possible each and every time. We work in liaison with the facade engineers and architects to create the facade design intent drawings. Our staff have the capability and experience to provide suggestions and design advice while creating the cad drgs for the facade systems required. This allows the facade engineers/architects to provide basic sketches of design intent and then our staff work up the cad drawings. This results in the facade engineer/architect having more time designing facade systems rather than creating cad drawings.

Some of the benefits of utilising our services are.
• Labour cost savings.
• No need for additional staff and associated costs of computers and autocad software.
• Increased manpower, enabling more design output and deadlines to be achieved.

Ingen3D : Steel & Facade Detailing PTY. LTD.